Member testimonials

Nafa Naana, Burkino Faso

(solar lights, cookstoves)

We love the idea of testing collective approaches to support our business and the sector as a whole as the challenges we face are very difficult for us to overcome as an individual organisation.”

Sayouba Guira, CEO

Kalpavriksha Greater Goods, Nepal

(solar lights, cookstoves, water filters)

“I wish there was an umbrella network that could provide me the same type of support as I do for my rural entrepreneurs, but at a global level. Last mile distribution is the key to solving the energy access challenge but without proper attention and support from the international community, I am limited in my ability to create impact”.

Sita Adhikari, Founder/CEO

Solar Sister, Tanzania/Uganda

(solar lights)

“While there have been efforts to mobilize manufacturers, there remain urgent gaps in recognizing and addressing the challenges faced by distributors who ultimately deliver these products to communities that are remote, poor, and/or marginalised. As a partnership based distributor platform, GDC has tremendous potential to address these gaps effectively.” 

Neha Misra, Co-Founder & Chief Collaboration Officer, Solar Sister

Livelyhoods, Kenya

(cookstoves, solar lights, appliances)

“What we often lack as last-mile distributors is access to diverse product information, best practices in sales agent training and customer education, funding opportunities, and opportunities to create linkages with similar organisations both in-country and globally, to amplify and accelerate scale-up. The GDC is the first such attempt to provide these invaluable opportunities to organisations such as ours, and we believe it has huge potential to facilitate our work and that of our peers, which will ultimately serve to benefit millions of households across developing countries”. 

Tania Laden, CEO

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