Collective Solutions

To effectively channel resources to last mile distribution, and support a greater variety of more context-specific models in the hardest-to-reach markets, we believe that different approaches are needed – ‘collective’ approaches, which make support available to the distribution sector as a whole.
The GDC is developing and testing specific collective activities in East Africa, with the aim of expanding into other regions in future.

Photo credit: Empower Generation

In our first phase, the GDC is focusing on two pillars of activity.

Pillar One

Providing collective services to save distribution companies time and money, to accelerate the adoption of new business practices and to facilitate new business partnerships.

These include:

  • Centralised Purchasing Platform: Piloting a centralised purchasing platform to help distributors to procure products more quickly, efficiently and at lower cost.
  • Learning & Collaboration Events: Convening distributors through regional events to facilitate knowledge exchange, learning, match-making, and access to product and service information.
  • Innovation Pilots: Crowdsourcing business model innovations from distributors and providing support to pilot these innovations with financial and technical assistance, and making learnings open source.
  • Training Facility: Delivering a series of training programs, co-designed with GDC members, to support distributors to overcome key challenges and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

Pillar Two

Building a collective voice for the last mile distribution sector and increasing transparency around what is currently an ‘invisible’ sector.

We will do this by:

  • Last Mile Distribution: State of the sector report: Producing a groundbreaking State of Sector report by March 2020, which maps the last mile distribution sector and includes guidance to governments, aid agencies and investors how they can best support the sector.
  • Increasing representation of last mile distributors at key forums and educating influencers and decision-makers about the sector.
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