We have collated some useful resources on last mile distribution, from the Global Distributors Collective and beyond.

GDC Membership Map

Latest article: Ashden showcase the GDC and Malawi-based member WETECH

In a recent guest blog for Ashden, we shared some insights into our GDC membership, and CEO of Malawi-based member WETECH shared his views on the importance of partnerships and experimenting with distribution channels.



Photo credit: Alexandre Allegue

Latest Innovation Spotlight: Pawame partners with iShamba

Kenya-based GDC member Pawame has teamed up with iShamba, a SMS and call service for farmers, to market and sell solar home systems through SMS. 


Photo credit: Patrick Bentley/SolarAid

SolarAid and ElleSolaire announce new partnership

After several years of informal collaboration, SolarAid and ElleSolaire have officially partnered to deliver access to clean energy in Senegal's rural communities through women entrepreneurs.

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