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How will last-mile distributors adapt to and survive the COVID-19 crisis?

COVID-19 is creating significant challenges for last-mile distributors (LMDs) around the world. This blog explores the impact of COVID-19 on GDC members' businesses, how they are responding to the crisis and what support they urgently need.




BoP Innovation Center

Centralized purchasing: a game-changer for last mile distributors?

Last mile distributors provide beneficial products to underserved people; yet, they also often face challenges accessing the right products at the right price and on the right terms. In this article the GDC considers how this can be addressed by using emerging solutions that leverage centralized purchasing models. 



Solar Aid

What will last mile distribution look like in 2025?

From the rise of e-commerce to better data attracting more investment, and digital innovation enhancing sales efficiency, the GDC’s article for NextBillion offers six predictions for the future of the budding and fast-moving last mile distribution sector.



Global Distributors Collective

Financing innovations to support last mile distributors

Access to finance is the most often-cited constraint for last mile distributors. This guest blog the GDC wrote for Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) explores possible solutions and mechanisms to help tackle this critical challenge, while acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits all approach.




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Ashden showcase the GDC and Malawi-based member WETECH

In a recent guest blog for Ashden, we shared some insights into our GDC membership, and CEO of Malawi-based member WETECH shared his views on the importance of partnerships and experimenting with distribution channels.



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SolarAid and ElleSolaire announce new partnership

After several years of informal collaboration, SolarAid and ElleSolaire have officially partnered to deliver access to clean energy in Senegal's rural communities through women entrepreneurs.

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Tapping the Untapped Potential of Last Mile Distributors

This article explains why the GDC seeks to make last mile distribution the first priority: because distributors are at the front line of the fight to ensure no-one gets left behind, but have historically been neglected and have not been able to reach their full potential.

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