Upskilling the Last Mile: More Information

Course descriptions – leadership and personal development

Agent recruitment and training
Deepen your understanding of your consumers and the communities where they live. Use research methods to gather consumer insights and learn how to develop, implement and iterate successful demand creation campaigns.

Managing dispersed teams (toolkit)
Learn more about the benefits of dispersed teams and how to manage them effectively, in a global context that is becoming increasingly inter-connected.

Enabling people to perform
Understand how to manage your team’s performance and get the best from them, to achieve maximum results.

Setting goals for success
Get to grips with the process of setting realistic goals, and create effective plans to implement and achieve your goals.

Speak up and lead
Develop the skills to step into leadership, gain more confidence to tell your own story, and inspire and create space for others to speak up and lead.


Course descriptions – business and technical skills

Distribution models and viable locations
Understand and compare four distribution models to reach your customers. Use our unique tool to make informed decisions when expanding your agent network into new areas.

Community and consumer understanding
Learn about the different online selling options and best practices for digital marketing, ordering and payments; while exploring case studies highlighting digital delivery and after sales services.

Digitising sales
Investigate how to optimise your product portfolio to ensure viability and impact. Use our cutting-edge MAMILO tool to assess new products fits for your portfolio. Improve your supply chain management and use your working capital in the most optimal way.

Supply chain management
Improve your agent recruitment processes and training programmes. Find out how to design effective incentives and strategies to retain agents, reduce attrition rates and improve your sales.


Q: Can I start the course after it commences on 19th April?

A: Ideally all participating companies will begin the training as a cohort on the 19th April. If you would like to participate but the start date is an issue for you, please contact us via, regarding your availability concerns. We can weigh up your constraints and assess the impact that a late start would have on your learning.

Q: Can I participate as a last mile distributor if I’m based in a different market / region, for example in Asia?

A: Unfortunately not this time, as the programme has been developed specifically for LMDs based in East and West Africa, with content and insights relevant to those regions. We hope to be able to roll this programme out for LMDs in other regions at a later date, as part of our future scale-up plans.

Q: I don’t sell energy access products but am keen to participate – can I still apply?

A: Due to donor preference, first priority will be given to LMDs selling energy access products. However, we will also consider those selling other beneficial household products, so we encourage you to apply!

Q: Will there be any in-person / face-to-face training, or is the programme delivered entirely online?

A: The majority of the training is provided online via state-of-the-art technology. However, for those who can travel there may be an option to join one or more of the sessions in-person. These sessions will most likely be held in Nairobi and Lagos (for English speakers) and Bamako (for French speakers).

Q: I have recently undertaken a course through the AMI platform, can I skip any modules?

A: If you have recently completed the AMI course on Empowering Management, you may be eligible for a discount on this new training programme from the GDC. Please contact to speak with a member of the team.

Q: How much time will I need to commit to the programme per week? 

A: This will to some extent depend on how quickly you work through each module, and the level to which you participate in the peer learning component. As a guide, we expect managers to spend a maximum of 2.5 hours per week on the training course and peer learning session, with sales agents likely to spend a maximum of 1.5 hours per week. The more time you can dedicate, the more we believe you’ll get out of the training!

Q: Do managers and sales agents start the programme at the same time? 

A: Participants will begin the programme in two stages. Managers will be onboarded in April, while sales agents will begin in June. This is to ensure that managers are equipped with the confidence and tools to support their sales agents on the learning journey.

Q: Can I cancel my enrolment before the course commences, if my situation changes?

A: If you require a refund after enroling on the course, please get in touch with the GDC team via