Upskilling the Last Mile 

A bespoke training programme for distributors

This management and sales training programme will enable last mile distributors (LMDs) to tackle common challenges including improving sales and staff retention, and building more resilient and efficient agent networks. The course is open to LMDs operating in East and West Africa. Initial priority will be given to those selling off-grid solar products but we encourage all interested companies to apply.

The programme has two complementary training components – one for managers and one for sales agents, with managers also encouraged to cascade learning to their teams. Topics covered include: distribution models, consumer understanding, agent recruitment and training, digitisation and supply chain management, managing dispersed teams, and setting achievable goals. The gendered dynamics of these areas are also considered. Subscription includes access to all training materials and support from the GDC team for two managers and an unlimited number of sales agents, per organisation.

Please note that we are no longer accepting new applications for the upcoming cohort, which kicks-off on 19th April. If you are interested in participating in the training programme in future, get in touch with us via


$200 USD for GDC members, $250 USD for non-GDC members
Total cost per organisation, one payment only

With the generous support of USAID, we are offering this programme at a significantly reduced cost.


  • If you sign-up and also refer another eligible company to the programme, both companies will receive a $50 USD discount (please make sure to mention the other company when you enrol).
  • If 5 of more companies from a relevant network sign up (eg. GOGLA, Sendea), each company will receive a $50 USD discount. Please ensure you let us know which networks you are a member of when you enrol. (Note: this does not include the GDC, because GDC members already pay a discounted rate).
  • If you have previously participated in AMI’s Empowering Managers training you may also be eligible for a further discount, so please get in touch!


The benefits

  • For managers: develop your technical, managerial and leadership skills and learn about tools that will help you to cascade learning to your sales agents.
  • For sales agents: build your knowledge and know-how on critical areas of distribution including consumer engagement, sales and marketing.
  • For companies: increase your business’ efficiency as your team develops core skills to help drive sales.


Eligibility requirements

  • Operating in East or West Africa and engaged in last mile distribution of off-grid solar products or other beneficial products.
  • Keen to build on a suitable training curriculum for your sales agents.
  • Managers can dedicate a maximum of 2.5 hours per week (1.5 hours per week for sales agents) to attend the online training and participate in peer learning sessions.
  • For those who can travel (and subject to Covid-19 restrictions), there may also be an option to attend one face-to-face session in Nairobi or Lagos (for English speakers) or Bamako (for French speakers).


All enrolments are assessed using the eligibility criteria on this page. After you enrol online, we will contact you to confirm your place and provide details on completing payment. Payments must be made by 18th April, in order for you to begin the training programme the following day. For any queries please contact the GDC team.

Please note that we are no longer accepting new enrolments for the cohort that starts on the 19th April. If you are interested in participating in the training programme in future, get in touch with us via

“The sessions provided a perfect avenue for us to compare notes on shared challenges in the Base of the Pyramid sector. The exchanges enabled us to find practical solutions to these challenges. I would recommend the co-created content to all social enterprises and businesses working with a team of sales agents.”

James Kinutai, LivelyHoods Kenya

The platforms we will use

Platform for LMD managers

AMI enables ambitious businesses across Africa to thrive by providing people with the skills to expand their businesses which in turn create quality jobs and drive prosperity and dignity. AMI’s learning model is built around the simple evidence-backed principle that adults learn by doing.

  • Join a vibrant and ambitious community of entrepreneurs and leaders across Africa
  • Buddy system to encourage peer learning
  • Access to a complete package of management courses that will help your business to thrive


Platform for LMD agents

TalentLMS is an award-winning, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that helps small and midsize businesses deliver training to employees, customers, and partners. It’s loved by 5,500+ companies because it’s easy to set up, easy to learn, and even easier to master.

  • Mixed e-learning with instructor-led trainings
  • Gamification brings courses to life
  • Support through video conferencing
  • Certifications to reward your achievements.

This project is supported by USAID, Power Africa and RAN Lab