We have collated some useful resources on last mile distribution, from the Global Distributors Collective and beyond.

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Read now! Last Mile Distribution: State of the sector report

Based on a survey of 72 GDC members from 30 countries, as well as a series of expert interviews, this first-of-a-kind report highlights the vital role of last mile distributors in creating markets for beneficial products and effectively reaching last mile customers. 




Photo credit: ATEC* Biodigesters

Latest Member Blog: Bringing Biogas to Billions

When you hear the term 'PAYGO' do you think of off-grid lighting products? Well, GDC member ATEC* Biodigesters is shaping up the status quo by launching the first PAYGO payment model for biodigesters, helping farmers in Cambodia access clean energy and organic fertiliser. Read more from CEO Ben Jeffreys about this exciting new chapter.


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Ashden showcase the GDC and Malawi-based member WETECH

In a recent guest blog for Ashden, we shared some insights into our GDC membership, and CEO of Malawi-based member WETECH shared his views on the importance of partnerships and experimenting with distribution channels.



Photo credit: LivelyHoods

Member blog: Stepping out of the field and the office, and why it’s important

Claire Baker of LivelyHoods writes about the importance of dedicated spaces and forums for last mile distributors to network with like-minded organisations, bounce around ideas and re-energise.



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The GDC's Call to Action report - December 2017

This report is based on extensive research with distributors, investors, donors and governments, and highlights the challenges and opportunities in the last mile distribution sector including the opportunity to achieve impact through collective solutions.



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