GDC member COVID-19 fundraising campaigns

Below is a list of current fundraising campaigns set up by GDC members to support their work during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Alternative Waste Technologies | Fundraising to adapt to the current situation, in order to be able to continue providing access to charcoal briquettes in the Kibera slums in Kenya, post-COVID-19 | Target: $20,000 USD 
  • Cosma | Fundraising to establish a community fund in the Masaka sub-region of Uganda, to support farming cooperatives overcome socio-economic hardship arising from the current lockdown | Target: £28,745 (Deadline: 26th June)
  • Deevabits | Fundraising to alleviate energy poverty among rural Kenyans, and to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff during COVID-19 | $38,000 USD (Kiva loan)
  • ElleSolaire | Fundraising to install solar systems in 25 health and maternity centres in Senegal, to provide safer healthcare for more than 40,000 people | Target: £25,000
  • Mt Elgon Self-Help Community Outreach Program (MESHCOP) | Fundraising to provide essential support services, including a number of sanitation and hygiene programmes, to vulnerable people in the Mt Elgon community in Uganda | Target: $3500 USD
  • Nyalore Impact | Pivoting their business model to offer online sales of solar and clean cooking products to last mile communities in Kenya | Target: 4 milion KSh
  • Pawame | Working to distribute 2,300 solar home systems to low income customers in Kenya | Target: €313,500
  • Pearl Entrepreneurs Academy | Fundraising to reach thousands of rural and semi-urban residents in Eastern Uganda with off-grid solar products during COVID-19 and beyond | Target: KSh 18,500,000
  • Pollinate Group | Utilising an established network of sales agents to connect urban slum communities in India and Nepal to essential services and health information | Target: $50,000 USD
  • SafePlan Uganda | Fundraising for handwashing cans, liquid soap and hand sanitizers for community facilities, clinics and low-income households in Masindi, Uganda | Target: £4,067
  • SolarAid | Providing health advice to vulnerable communities, as well as supplying light and basic power to rural health clinics in Zambia | Target: £162,000 initially