COVID-19 Resources

While many GDC members have been remarkably quick to respond to COVID-19 in creative ways, this crisis presents a huge amount of uncertainty for many, if not all, last mile distributors. There is an urgent need for resources, strategies and tools to enable them to plan for a range of scenarios and phases of the crisis and its aftermath, as explored in our blog in NextBillion.

We have also collated insights on strategies that our members are currently implementing to adapt to and deal with the crisis, as well as additional support they require. 



Based on what our members have told us, we are working hard to help them access relief funding to weather this crisis. In the energy access sector, we've signed an open letter alongside GOGLA, Clean Cooking Alliance, Alliance for Rural Electrification, Power for All and Africa Minigrid Developers Association calling for a new fund to support energy access SMEs, including last mile distributors.

A number of our members are running fundraising campaigns to support communities they work in to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Further details can be found below.


Some manufacturers and service providers have developed unique offers for last mile distributors, including product discounts and access to new credit lines. Further details can be found below.



On this page you will find the top 25 individual resources we feel are most useful to last mile distributors. We are updating this page regularly.

1. Financial planning and fundraising


Click here to see COVID-19 related funding opportunities 

2. Crisis management

3. Leadership

  • A webinar on 'leading confidently in challenging times' from the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. 
  • A step-by-step guide from World Economic Forum on workforce principles for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A framework from BAIN, including a priorities checklist for CEOs, to help business leaders respond to the crisis.
  • A webinar from Business Fights Poverty exploring how Kenya has taken steps to deal with the crisis through multi-stakeholder engagement via the National Business Compact, and providing insights for other countries’ responses. 
  • A podcast exploring how CEOs leading companies in Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia are dealing with the crisis.
  • A real-time review of country-specific COVID-19 social protection measures from the World Bank, ILO and Unicef. 
  • A map and summary from the World Bank of national SME support measures in response to COVID-19. 

4. Communications and customer relations

5. Human resources

6. Voices from the frontline

  • An article and short video from GDC member SolarAid on how they are supporting communities in Zambia and Malawi respond to COVID-19, including through the provision of vital information and off-grid solar products for clinics and isolation centres.
  • A blog from GDC member Essmart exploring how to keep field staff engagement and motivated in lockdown.
  • A webinar from GDC implementing partner Hystra, and featuring GDC members Ecofiltro, Moon and Mwezi, considering how to pivot inclusive business models in times of crisis.
  • The launch of an online sales platform from GDC member Easy Solar, enabling the purchase of solar and clean cooking products to customers in Sierra Leone.
  • A blog exploring how last mile distributor Frontier Markets has rapidly sought to find customer-centred solutions to the COVID-19 crisis in India.

7. Other resources

While the above resources are our top picks, this is not an exhaustive list. If you’d like more information, here are some additional resource pages members may find useful:

If you have an opportunity or resource to share with last mile distributors please get in touch with us at This set of resources is for informational purposes only. GDC members are encouraged to refer first and foremost to national and global health guidance on COVID-19.


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